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You've only just met but you're all sharing the same secret.

The idea is that the group represents a cross-section of the society potentially wronged by the actions of the defendant.

I approach this work with a collaborative style, helping people to actively participate in their therapy experience.

I believe that therapy should be available for everybody.

After covering the odd trial from the public gallery as reporter, during which time my focus was on the barristers, witnesses and judge, rather than the silent jury, I recently got called up to sit on the other side.

It was a lot more intense and emotionally draining than I expected.

This applies to someone who is considering transitioning, is in the process of transitioning, or is a person whose life is being affected by a loved one who is transitioning.

My passion is to empower you and my work is rewarded when you are able to become your authentic self.

Knowledge to assess and diagnose GID and write letters of recommendation for hormonal therapy and gender/sexual reassignment surgery. Insurance accepted as full fee, TS support group and professional services.If you do not have insurance and are low on money, your session fee is based upon your income and or what you can pay.The words "I cannot afford therapy" are only excuses when it comes to these very giving professionals - they are here to help despite your financial circumstances!In my private practice I create a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable space for my clients to explore that which feels most authentic for them.I have an appreciation for the complexity of gender issues, and follow WPATH standards of care.

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