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We list her boundaries, safe words, and list the activities and combinations of activities she would like to take place.But in the same way that a band can't devise a set list if they haven't got a drummer, we table our planning until the sentient universe coughs up yet another fit, game, available, sex-positive guy.Alex and I are at at the launch of high-end sex-toy manufacturer LELO's new "Hex" condom, when an athletic, sharply dressed Asian dude with a man bun approaches her.His name is Kenneth Play, a sex educator who had the previous year hired Alex to perform one of her acts at the Hacienda Villa: the Bushwick, Brooklyn sex-positive intentional community best known for sex-ed events and legendary parties.

I agree in theory, but I still want to build in some contingencies in the event that one or even two of these guys aren't able to make it.The first order of business being the number and identities of the participants who, in the parlance of the genre, are unimaginatively and reductively called "bangers." Privately I'd been thinking that we'd need a total of at least three other guys, perhaps more given that I would be assuming the additional roles of party organizer and monitor.(A gangbang's monitor is the person responsible for ensuring that the center of the action, often simply called the "center," is comfortable, happy, and consenting to everything at all times.) I'd also surmised than any more than six or seven would be inviting an exponential increase of logistical headaches that I really didn't want to entertain. "Better yet, I'd have been intimate with them, but that's going to be a stretch.I suppose that a gangbang is just going to be the latest and greatest; a natural extension of some of the expeditions we've already mounted.I'm certain that Alex's taboo-busting desire comes from a good place.

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