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Initially, Lori focuses her efforts on practicing civil law, though after working with Edwin Poole she becomes more comfortable with criminal cases, believing them to be incredibly rewarding emotionally.

Though she was close friends with Shirley Schmidt, she files a sexual harassment claim against Denny Crane in the first season.

John Larroquette, Saffron Burrows, Tara Summers, and Taraji Henson joined the series in season four, as did Christian Clemenson, who had recurred since season two.

A junior partner at Crane, Poole & Schmidt and former prosecutor, Lori Colson found herself inexplicably attracted to Alan during the first season.

Denny later apologized to Lori, though she departed the firm shortly thereafter.

Alan later comments that Shirley had "ushered" Lori out, suggesting she resigned under significant pressure from the Managing Partners.

Wherever he works, he treats his coworkers with levity and refuses to take himself too seriously.

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Sally returns in Season three as opposing counsel (“Whose God Is It Anyway? This appearance addresses her transformation from an insecure junior to an assertive and sexually exploitative character.

He has resigned himself to the fact that he will never be made partner at the firm due to his unpredictable behavior and lack of trustworthiness.

While the managing partners of Crane, Poole & Schmidt do not fully trust Alan, they do recognize his talent as an attorney and will often give him the latitude to go about his unorthodox means if they feel it will benefit the firm.

Alan is best friends with Denny Crane despite their sharp differences in political ideologies.

Tara Wilson first appeared as a paralegal at Young, Frutt & Berlutti.

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