Dating rules meet parents

Confidence is one of the most desirable qualities you can have entering the dating game.

But be sure your confidence doesn’t turn into cockiness.

Check out hot, sexy babes who are ready, willing, wet and waiting to find the right guy for a one night stand or no strings attached sex.

There are beautiful blondes that wanna be boned in the back of their car.There are mysterious brunettes that have a hidden dark side which means they loved to be spanked while wearing leather.There are older women that are desperately seeking a younger man that can keep up with them in their prime.I think we can all agree that dating in 2017 is a far cry from what it was for our parents, or even what it was a decade ago. I reached out to the co-founders of the matchmaking service The Bevy, Nikki Lewis and Greta Tufvesson, to get some clarity.The rise of dating apps and social media means being able to stalk your date even before you meet them, and it makes for one super confusing and constantly changing dating landscape. There is, however, a group that has, in my opinion, been hit particularly hard by this shift. At this age, you don’t have the same opportunities to meet people like you did in college, and most of your friends are getting married or having kids and likely don’t have many single friends to set you up with. Here are some of their rules for dating in your 30s. “Building a life with someone involves sacrifice and work.

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