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Despite the well-meaning housewife's attempts to draw inviolable boundaries, her inability to say no (and, on some deep level, her pleasure in his wide-eyed attention) to the apple of her eye saw their relationship grow more and more dangerous.

"Looks like you need another glass." Helen turned around to find Julie Eldridge with two glasses of wine. Helen, however, had always maintained a distant suspicion that the mystery lothario had been the boy who Julie was currently wrapped around.

Now flashing his gorgeous smile, Jason grabbed the cash before bending down to quickly peck Helen on the cheek, "Thanks, mom! " As she watched her son run off to the ticket counter, Helen smiled, her fingers savoring the evanescent warmth on her cheek. Only another mom can understand what it's like to lose our strong, handsome babies." Helen gestured her frustration, "I know! Give my congrats to Jason, though I'm sorry you're losing him." With a mischievous smile, she added, "Make sure you really take advantage of him for this last month." "Thanks!

" Arms folded, Helen Cleaver attempted to resist the puppy-dog-eye routine in front of her, but as had been the norm for 18 years, she couldn't help but acquiesce. but this is really the last one," she sighed, fishing in her handbag and pulling out a crisp note.

She was not surprised to discover that the boy had many devotees from his high school: Helen had opened the front door countless times to find nervous teenage girls who sought her son's attention.

Last week, however, she had been stunned to learn that many of his conquests had been older women -- mothers and aunts of his unsuspecting friends and neighbors.

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