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"Mum," she said, "please listen to me." Ava flinched away from her. She will remember nothing of what she has seen." No, Carla thought. She fell forward onto Carla, gasping and moaning into her ear. The harder she fucked Ava, the more Carla tried to match her. Ava moaned around Carla's dick, still lodged in her throat. She put her hands to her belly as if she wanted to feel the cock through her skin. Ava's body tensed up as Amy pressed the tip of her cock against her butt.

She had changed so much she barely recognised herself."We're learning so many bad things about our parents! It could have been a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. All she knew was that it was the best period of time in her life, however long it was.But eventually she was unable to hold back any longer and she shot her load deep inside Ava at the exact same time as Amy did the same in her ass. Her big breasts were barely contained by the fabric, and soon she had unclipped the bra too. Just when it seemed she never would, Amy pulled back to allow her mother to breathe again. Immediately Ava stood up, unzipped her glitzy evening dress and let it slide to the floor, revealing her black lacy underwear.

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