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In fact, both the first and second seasons of “River Monsters” drew upon the research Jeremy had done over decades.“I suppose any achievement is proportional to the degree of difficulty, to the degree of danger you have to go through,” Jeremy says about his eventual success. Aside from nearly dying in the Congo from malaria, Jeremy was detained in Thailand as a suspected spy; spent months tromping through thigh-high mud swarming with insects; was smacked so severely in the chest by a giant arapaima fish in the Amazon that it bruised his heart, and experienced a range of tropical diseases.1 show, “River Monsters,” is staying at the posh London Hotel.For the next 10 days he’s doing media interviews, attending ad sales dinners, meeting a child through the Make a Wish Foundation and visiting with TV executives who are all abuzz over the show’s upcoming season, a cable series with 1.7 million viewers who tune in every week to see what creature Jeremy will reel in next.“I think he probably did break some hearts along the way, but the reality is, he’s often busy, he’s away and that lifestyle doesn’t suit women very well.At the end of the day he’s always off to find another fish.”“I’ve lived a very nonstandard life,” Jeremy says.

It’s Midtown Manhattan and Jeremy Wade, star of Animal Planet’s No.

Unencumbered by marital obligations, he alone would pay the price for following his dreams.

When he quit the copywriting job, he never looked back, determined to live life on his terms, not someone else’s — even when his second trip to the Congo ended up worse than the first.“That trip was a disaster,” Jeremy says.

“I had to tell him when he was out in the middle of nowhere,” Martin says. I could hear this crack in him — it was quite disturbing.”Later, when their mother was ill, Jeremy became her primary caretaker, living with her in England for five years until she died.

“I think he realized there comes a time when you need to tell people how you feel about them and acknowledge that they are important to you,” Martin says.

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