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Why do women of this particular age seem to be sent the message that they’re overripe, undesirable, and somehow creeping into Miss Havisham territory? Thirty-five seems to be the age at which you’re officially no longer young.You’re aged out of those plum “30 under 30” lists, because it just counts more if you launch the next Warby Parker or run a hot new Hulu show when you’re fresh out of college.It was basically, ‘hey, the first politician who calls me, I endorse.’ On terrestrial radio it was a whole different approach. tape (never forget), we all know the president-elect thinks it’s kosher to grab women’s genitals without their consent and that he considered furniture shopping with Nancy O’Dell to be some sort of bizarro foreplay.The first time I remember you really talking politically was with Christie Todd Whitman. I didn’t have the opportunity or the desire or the medium where I could ask Christie Todd Whitman real questions. How could I get you to stay with me for those 5 minutes? And [Whitman opponent James] Florio would have gotten your support if he had called first. And at that time, more than 20 years ago, it wasn’t about your political views. And please, advisors, that doesn’t mean popping up on “Carpool Karaoke.” It’s time to go on Stern.

After all, the very moment that he blurted out that Hillary Clinton was “such a nasty woman” during the final debate, she was flexing her own political and life experience, going toe to toe with a man-terrupting bully.

) Thirty-five is also the precise age when women are needled about their biological clocks.

My (former) gynecologist advised me to have “all of my children” by 35.

To me, I’m on satellite radio and that’s the best place to do it. The big thing is Maron does it in his garage, which is his studio, and Obama showed up to his garage. They’ve got to come to that conclusion on their own. I didn’t have her walk into the studio and go, ‘Gwen, I can’t believe what happened with Gavin.’ That’s just poor form and that’s not the way I approach a conversation in my home. He’s been blocking the press and trying to control the press and trying to shut the press out. Isn’t that the same thing in Hillary Clinton’s life?

Having said that, if there was some kind of concept of doing it somewhere else, I’d do it. For Hillary, I think it would be better if she came to your turf and experienced in that way. Having said that, we’ve reached out and said, we’d love to have Hillary on. “Welcome to dinner and tell me about that affair from 10 years ago.” Exactly. Or if you were just looking to do a confrontational show and have the person walk out. They ask the worst question up front and then the person walks out. Yes, you go to law school, you’re an intellectual and suddenly you’re on TV getting grilled about some offhand comment about baking cookies.

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