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As she found it increasingly necessary to rely on a wheelchair, Elizabeth still made forays into West Hollywood.

Wearing cowboy boots, dressed in resplendent colors, and ablaze with diamonds, she favored deep-coral-red lipstick and nail polish and wore her hair coiffed high and dyed Liz Taylor black.

made her famous at the age of 12—she outlived many of her co-stars, including Montgomery Clift, Paul Newman, Rock Hudson, and Laurence Harvey, and five of her seven husbands: hotel heir Nicky Hilton, actor Michael Wilding, producer Mike Todd, singer-actor Eddie Fisher, and actor Richard Burton.

Hollywood could easily have become a ghost town for her, and she could have become a latter-day Norma Desmond, sequestering herself in her mansion, avoiding the company of all but a few old Hollywood friends.

Suddenly people were wondering: Who was this most famous of actresses during the last 10 years of her long, slow escape from the public gaze?

But Elizabeth had always embraced thrills and people and fun.

“You might as well live” was one of her favorite sayings.

Hampered throughout her life by a series of health woes—crippling back pain, osteoporosis, respiratory illness, scoliosis, a brain tumor, a stroke, more than 100 hospitalizations—she had valiantly soldiered on through her last years, and had taken to Twitter to reassure her hundreds of thousands of fans that she was still in this world, despite what they might read in the tabloids.

“Dear friends, my heart procedure went off perfectly,” she tweeted in October of 2009 after doctors repaired a leaky valve.

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