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They’re great for retrieving data, but when it comes to making updates they often lose efficiency.

A few years ago, convinced that there must be a better way, I spent some time searching online for anyone who had solved this problem.

NET developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects.” Essentially, it is a layer between your application code and your database which maps your C# classes to database tables.

Products set, setting Discontinued for each product, and saving changes once. If you were to run SQL Profiler while executing this code against the Northwind database, you would see there are a total of five SQL statements executed – one to retrieve the data, and four to update each of the four records in the Products table, which match the search criteria. Net I would execute a single update statement, “update products set discontinued=1 where Units In Stock=0 and Units On Order=0”.

Similar code can be written to handle Bulk Update and Bulk Insert, though at the time this article was written, I had not yet written them.

When I do, I’ll update this article to include those methods.

Paul Welter of Lore created a library called Entity Framework.

Extended which allows you to (among other features not covered by this article) perform batch Update and Delete statements using a single SQL call. Extended library used reflection to access internal (private and protected) properties and methods of the various Entity Framework classes.

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