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What is creating this yawning gap between women’s and men’s attitudes towards marriage?

In his new book, Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy, Mark Regnerus argues that a perfect storm of technological advances – the birth control pill, and much more recently, online dating and widespread access to pornography – have eroded the perceived value of marriage.

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After viewing the available data, we can see that although fewer black women are “now married”, more black women than Black men have been married at least once.His conclusions are based on research from several nationally-representative surveys, in-person interviews with 100 men and women, and theories of other social scientists.His findings are both “straightforward and primal.” “For American men, sex has become rather cheap,” he wrote in the WSJ.S Census Bureau released a report that studied the history of marriage in the United States.They discovered some startling statistics when calculating marriage by race.

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