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But then her trance and Mistress’ hypnotic script reclaimed her, and she enjoyed the role. She touched a control and put a tone in Meredith’s ear. “bot com.plete.” Hearing herself chant it made her wet under the silver. It turned her stare to Leslie, who stared back, neither triumphant nor sad. “Your own daughter is now a mindlessly obedient drone. Instead of ‘thinking,’ all she can do is download truths from the program in her brain, when it tells her to.” “The consortium will fund your world-domination plot after all, Doctor.” Mistress stroked Meredith’s belly just above the shiny hotpants. But I’d like to see a field test.” She patted Meredith’s ass. She’d reached a table with a phone extension and she groped for it blindly, still transfixed by Meredith. She just stalked the victim until told to do otherwise. She raised her left arm while her right stayed stiff by her side.

Meredith knew they’d all been hypnotized to see and believe in it; some of it might not even really be there except in their minds. Frances would see whatever her robot-girl looked at. The chamber’s machinery loomed over her head, and for a strange moment her heart faltered. Beautifully disheveled, posed amid her devices, Dr Stevens smiled triumphantly. Girl brain now res.ponds to nal ” Arousal kept her voice steady and soulless. tion ted.” “bot ” Meredith rotated her head, savoring how minor and meaningless it was. “I am Merebot now.” She closed her mouth and awaited the next order. Maybe hearing her brainwashed spiel was turning her girlfriend on, down in her trance, like the rush it had given Meredith to see her. “She didn’t even have to be indoctrinated to believe that—it’s just how she’s programmed. “But it will sm when you are tized.” Clare screamed.

She knew her hypnotist was there, and that someone dear to her was also falling deeper under her power. She’d stepped away for something to drink and left Meredith blank.

“Well—that’s what I’ll tell them to get them to enter the robotizers. Her mother could watch Meredith pose and strut as she obeyed. Some things the help was not supposed to see, and he noticed the minicam on her head . “H—” He was recovering, and under the surprise and pleasure there was worry. Meredith stood in the hallway, staring at where he’d been, her skin hot where it had been cool before. Frances’ head floated between her hands as she accepted this truth, too willstripped now even to nod. Yes.” Mistress grinned as Frances winced in ecstasy at the next touch.

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