No email and no credit card webcam

They talked about why they stopped using credit cards, how their lives have changed, and how they get by without access to credit cards. “You play footsies with it,” he says, describing his relationship with debt.Before his father died in 2014, Tahir Kelly continually worked at paying off his many credit cards. “You keep it around forever.” His father’s death was a turning point for Kelly, who drives a garbage truck for a private company, and his wife, Sharifa, a teacher.Others simply hate the idea of borrowing, or their values can’t support borrowing money and paying interest.

For larger things, however, this is more challenging.

That’s not a bad approach to take, but it’s not what you’ll see most of your friends and neighbors doing.

You’ll have to be satisfied with the internal rewards of simpler living instead of the external rewards that most people seek.

In other words, you’ll have to save for more months or find a way to put more dollars toward your goal each month.

For most people, the preferred solution is to wait longer to buy and to buy less expensive things.

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