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My baby girl born oready December 19th, we are very happy an grateful for such a great blessing please continue sharing information every week.— as one does in the middle of the night when sleep is evasive — when I see three messages pop up on my TV, all from accounts that I don’t recognize.For more information on registering your baby, go to Directgov.If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you should visit the websites of either the GRO in Scotland or the GRO in Northern Ireland for further information on how to go about registering your baby's birth.However, if you are not married to your baby's dad, but would like his details to be on the form, then you will both need to sign the birth register together.But if one of you cannot attend, then the other parent must show the registrar a declaration of parentage.It is also possible to register British subjects abroad in certain countries.

Female couples can have both of their names registered on the birth certificate.Normally, I’d ignore them (as they were on my partner’s Xbox Live profile), but we’d encountered a similar set of messages on Play Station Network earlier the same evening.These accounts weren’t just spamming him, they were sending somewhat explicit messages in an attempt to entice him to join a private webcam chat with a 22- or 23-year-old woman, depending on which of the six porn bots he engaged with. If you’re unfamiliar, Play Station Network (PSN) and Xbox Live (XBL) both have messaging platforms that allow users to interact with one another. THANKS ( i may not do it if you didn't ask before)3. FOR WATCHING SHOWS ON YOUR TABLET BE SURE TO HAVE RIGHT BROWSER ( Puffin or Photon not Safari)5. IF YOU WANT TO TIP FOR SOMETHING I DON'T HAVE IN TIPMENU, ASK BEFORE.

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