Sidney crosby dating 2016

This season, they did, and Crosby was able to contribute in other ways to become MVP.

Crosby is now a two-time Stanley Cup championship, which gives him the same number of championships as legendary captains Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier (he also won four as an assistant captain), Joe Sakic and Bobby Clarke.In his first Stanley Cup championship, Crosby led Pittsburgh to victory with a league-leading 15 goals and 31 points.Scoring is what he’s known for, and ever since his first cup, the Penguins were waiting for him to produce unworldly numbers again and win a second championship.According to a report from TSN, he just barely edged Kessel by three votes.Some experts will argue the voters robbed Kessel, who led the Penguins in goals, points and shots on net during the postseason.

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