So ji sub and han hyo joo dating

In these ones, So Ji Sub’s all laid back too, and still in casual togs.In these shots, though, there’s a distinct soft, cozy vibe that’s very inviting. Slight Scruff: Much as So Ji Sub himself seems to favor the scruffy look, I personally think he looks best with just a of scruff. Just enough to give us a sense of real, y’know what I mean? I can hardly believe it’s already been a whole month since my last Pure Pretty post!

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) of his photoshoots, today, I’d like to make the case that, for the record, So Ji Sub can and does clean up real nice. Laid Back Casual: So Ji Sub cleans up real nice when he’s not in a suit too, as he proves in these shots.

Kinda makes you want to get in there and curl up close, right? Rugged Casual: The rugged casual look becomes So Ji Sub really well, coz he’s got such a manly energy about him. Man With Passion: I’m not a fan of So Ji Sub’s music, but I do love that he loves it.

Close-up Sculpted: When you do get in there and cuddle up close, I’m sure you’ll discover So Ji Sub’s amazing bone structure. These shots bring out that strong quality in him very nicely. I’m not personally for or against tattoos myself, but I do think that the right tattoos on the right person can look very aesthetically pleasing. There’s just something exceedingly sexy about a manly man sweating it out. Ummmph Sexy: I didn’t put these 2 pix in the shirtless section coz I found these so sexy that I thought they deserved a whole section – and headline – all their own. And it makes me smile to see him working at it, coz he clearly enjoys it so much.

I watched School 2013, I Hear You Voice, Doctor Stranger, and Pinocchio because he is a great actor.

That’s why when I heard he is being casted in W, I am disappointed at first because I really want to see HHJ in a drama again together with Kim Soo Hyun. Anyway, I observed that HHJ publicly shows if she’s close to her female co-stars or to any other people.

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