Updating a staircase

There’s no exact since to this, just continue working on it until you’re satisfied with the results.

When you like the color you are ready to finish it off.

Painting is the same process as priming, only this time it will be the top finish.

for our spindles it took 3 coats, though the some of the trim pieces took 4 coats.

You will likely need two coats of primer to ensure an even finish.

Since spindles are so thin you’ll want to work slowly and use very little paint on your brush.

) to prime the spindles and any areas you’ll be painting white.

If you have the same problem here’s how to update railings and spindles on stairs.

A good primer (we had Kilz on hand) provides a great base for your paint, no matter what color you choose.

Since our house is a fauxlonial (faux colonial) and we have a traditional style white made the most sense for us.

If you’re using heavier coats you should give the final coat of stain about 24 hours to dry.

Having a fan in the area helps, and constant reminders to family and friends also helps keep it untouched.

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