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An elegant, ultra light city bicycle constructed with modern, high quality components in a classical and practical style.

The natural leather saddle and special semi-matte black paintwork wonderfully accentuate the lines of the classic Ērenpreiss frame.

Plus, Paula will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe.

Don’t be fooled by Greta’s timeless elegance – she’s a practical girl who knows where she’s going and is determined to get there fast.

It is a versatile hybrid bike suitable for cycling on multiple surfaces (including bumpy roads, cobbled streets and the odd potholed mews), and its 26" smooth roll tyres offer a fast, sporty ride, ideal for nipping about town.

The company's newest design is a gorgeous upright model (no backache) with a handy back-rack to carry your library books and built-in reflector lights so cars will see you before they hear your nifty bell.

Powerful brakes and slick shifting gears add to its versatility.

Ideal for nipping about without the hassle of changing gears (or the worry of re-looping a complex chain when it wriggles off in the rain), the Charge Hob is cycling at its simplest.

Paula is built for the worst that city weather can throw at her.So, if you love the Birdie, but want to ride in a hillier area, or just love the preppy navy blue colour scheme, then this is the bicycle for you.If Florence Welch has a Firefly, we want a Firefly. The monochrome runaround has an air of classic, understated substance.Whether you're carrying a baby, a puppy, or simply the family shopping on the back of your bike, the Pashley Tri-1 Tricycle is a super model for women with a lot of stuff to haul about.Combining the security of a tricycle with the fun and features of a modern machine this versatile adult tricycle opens up a world of adventure for you and your family.

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